Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAFIA WARS (The story of a Mafia)

A DYOM mission pack which can be found in http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=12248.

This is a story about a Mafia guy name Ray, whose parents got killed when he was only 3 yrs old, and house got burned down when he was 8 yrs old... with less education, he decided to join the ruthless Mafia group named Silent CodeX's... where he can meet Danny, the president, Terrence, the vice president, some mafia friends named Aiman, Larry, Lucan, Alfonso and Johan. In this DYOM mission pack, you have to face the reality in San Andreas, like crashing deals, robbing banks, stunting, and even eleminating your own friend.

List of characters:

Rank: Youre him!!
Weapons: You choose
Cars: Comet
Enemies: Bikers, Lucan
Houses: not sure anyway, cos you cant save the game

Rank: Leader
Weapons: N/A
Cars: Nebula, Schafter (if vehicle texture changed)
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: 1st, 2nd and 3rd house. (Each of them at each city)

Rank: Vice president
Weapons: N/A
Cars: ZR-350, Oracle (if vehicle texture changed)
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: Las Venturas Abandoned airstrip

Rank: none (a guy from Malaysia)
Weapons: Deagle
Cars: N/A
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: N/A

Rank: none (good at military work)
Weapons: Deagle
Cars: N/A
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: N/A

Rank: none (good at messing things up)
Weapons: SPAS
Cars: Wayfarer, Hexer (if texture changed)
Enemies: The Silent CodeX Mafias, and other gangs except Bikers
Houses: Tierra Robadda estate

Rank: none (a guy from France)
Weapons: Deagle
Cars: N/A
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: N/A

Rank: none (good at dealing weapons)
Weapons: All of them
Cars: Pony (to carry all his weapons)
Enemies: Bikers
Houses: N/A

rank: biker gang (once a fren of yours)
Weapons: SPAS, Sawn off
Cars: Wayfarer
Enemies: N/A
Houses: The bikers hideout


Silent and fire : Eleminate the bikers to show respect
Capacity is everything: Crash the deal on the middle of the ocean
Born to stunt : Go from checkpoint ramps to checkpoint ramps while eleminating Bikers
Night howls : Eleminate Bikers on roads in the night
Blend in : Steal Wayfarers and enter the Bikers hideout, but failed
Hazard drink : Danny collapsed after drinking beer in the bar
The truth : Lucan was behind all this, kill him in the cargo ship, but failed
The final breath : Go to a house at Tierra Robadda and kill Lucan, buit the cops arrived
Its over : Go to LVPD and eleminate Lucan once and for all
A new life: Take Danny yo Los Santos before being busted.
Under surveillance: Destroy all 5 police choppers.
Allies and axis: Go to a deal and it got ambushed, safe Josh, a biker and u made frens with him
Ruby Treat: Steal the diamonds in the exporting warehouse
The hideout: You found the hideout.
End of chapter: Finish off the hideout and kill or spare Josh's life
The awakening: Danny woke up, and Terrence wants you to push down all cops investigating
Money face: Rob the bank at Carigula's
Tragedy: The money is gone, 3 of ur frens went missing. Find the money and 3 of ur frens
That special someone: Danny wants to meet Terrence
Recruit the Silent CodeX's: Rescue the 3 frens
The last call: Finish off the bikers and the boss once and for all
More missions are coming soon like robbing deals, banks, losing friends and recruit them back again, and the final mission: THE LAST CALL where you finish the Bikers once and for all... the back missions were helped by my friend, Ryan. There are 21 missions in total, and I will update this post everytime!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


You may find this mod here: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=11762
By the way, you need DYOM (MPACK 5). This will show you the tips and tricks on how to finish these missions!!

DEPARTURE TIME (Final mission)

The cutscene shows Gay Tony packing his briefcase and Luis suddenly stepped in. Tony wants to leave Liberty City, I mean San Andreas, but Luis blocked him, and asked him to relax while he takes down Bulgarin and Timur. After the cutscene, head over to Santa Maria Beach while the heroin shipment takes place (I chose this place cause theres a carnival there :D).

Instead of 2 parts to destroy, they're 3 instead!!! Theyre carrying M16's and accurancy is 75, so be careful not to lose too much life!! After that, you need to kill Timur carrying a pistol, and get onto the bike supplied beside him. Its an FCR-900, but i changed it into a Hakuchou from GTA TBOGT.

The checkpoint is on the main entrance of the Carnival, then, Yusuf calls up and asks you to wait for him. He'll come using a chopper and from Southwest. When he arrives, get to the airport with him or just leave him chasing you, while you quickly finish the mission :D.

Bulgarins jet will be at the other runway, where you need to turn right. The jet wont take off, cos the checkpoint cant follow it. You'll spawn inside the jet after you reached it. Eleminate all the guards inside and approach Bulgarin. He will be carrying a grenade, so dont let him throw it!! After the cutscene of Bulgarins death, get into any of the cars beside and go and meet Tony at Pershing Square.
Tony is sitting on the bench. You have to approach and talk to him. Then, the cutscene appears, telling that everything is over now...